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AK-47 rifle, AK47 Rifle


# AK Rifle Sites



AK Rifle Vault

Welcome to AK Rifle Vault!


When Mikhail Kalashnikov developed the AK-47 Rifle, he couldn't have realized the impact it would have on the world. However, the AK-47 Rifle is now, arguably, the most recognizable firearm in the world.


AK Rifle Vault is full of dealers who specialize in AK rifles and AK rifle accessories. If you know of any AK dealers we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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Recently Added AK Rifle Sites

Guntec USA

AK-47 parts and accessories.


Red Jacket Firearms

AK style rifles, AK style shotguns.


Red Star Arms

AK47 accessories, AK47 parts.



AK47 rifle forum.


Ironwood Designs

AK-47 stocks.


I.O. Inc

AK-47 style rifles, AK-47 accessories.



AK style rifles.


Samson Manufacturing

AK-47 stocks, AK-47 rails, AK-47 magazines, AK-47 sights..


Blackthorne Products

AK47 parts.


Lancaster Arms

AK-47 rifles, AK Pistols, AK accessories.


Grand Masters

AK-47 parts, AK-47 accessories.

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